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Preferred Age Range: 49-69 (born April 9, 1956)
AFTRA #43172    SAG #00055987
Height: 6'2"  Eyes: Brown   Weight: 195 lbs.   Hair: Sandy Blond



General Hospital (1980 - 1990)                Supporting Player                         ABC
 Harry (1980-1986)/Bill Harrison (1987-1990)        Over 800 Shows as Bill Harrison

C.H.I.P.S.                                                                         Feature Player                                                                 MGM
Charlie's Angels                                                              Feature Player                                                                 LORIMAR
For Richer, For Poorer                                                    Feature Player                                                                 ABC
Another World                                                                Feature Player                                                                 NBC
Happy Days                                                                     Feature Player                                                                 ABC
Eight Is Enough                                                               Feature Player                                                                 PARAMOUNT
The Love Boat                                                                 Feature Player                                                                 LORIMAR
Going Berserk                                              Jorgé  (Beatle George Harrison look-a-like)         UNIVERSAL - David Steinberg
Thunder County                                           Prison Guard                                                          Prism Pictures  - Chris Robinson
Night of The Juggler                                    Innocent bystander                                                 UNIVERSAL - Robert Butler

COMMERCIALS:  List available upon request (including voice-overs not listed below)

Grease                                                                                                       Danny                              NATIONAL TOUR
Running From Love                                                                                 Scott                                NATIONAL TOUR
Why Me?                                                                                                  Dr. Fuller                          NATIONAL TOUR
How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying                              Finch                                NATIONAL TOUR (3 Runs)
Butterflies Are Free                                                                                  Don                                  NATIONAL TOUR
Bus Stop                                                                                                    Bo                                     NATIONAL TOUR
The Little Foxes                                                                                        Benjamin                          NATIONAL TOUR
Young Buffalo Bill                                                                                    Billy                                  NATIONAL TOUR

ABC Promos                                                                                                              ABC

KBET                                                                        Announcer                                Reno
KJOY                                                                        Announcer                                Jessie Beck's Riverside Hotel and Casino - Reno
KUNR                                                                       Announcer                                University of Nevada, Reno
KBIG                                                                        Announcer                                 Los Angeles

Will Geer, Theatricum Botanicum   -   The Comedy Store, Los Angeles
Columbia School of Broadcasting, Los Angeles   -   John Drew Barrymore
University of California, Chico  -  University of Nevada, Reno
Norah Sanders Agency Workshop, Los Angeles